Support Matrix: Pivotal PAS, VMware NSX-T, and VMware NSX-T Container Plug-in for PCF

The following tables show the supported combinations of PAS, NSX-T, and NSX-T Container Plug-in (NCP). A cell with a checkbox icon is supported by VMware. A cell with a caution icon is interoperable: it works, it passes our acceptance suites, but is not explicitly supported by VMware. A cell with no icon either was not tested, did not pass our suites, or is known not to work. Not all combinations are tested. For example NCP 2.3.0 is not tested against PAS 2.5, for consumers of PAS 2.5 would likely install a more recent version of NCP. Acceptance suites include running Cloud Foundry Acceptance Tests (CATS), Container Networking Acceptance Tests (NATS), and Routing Acceptance Tests (RATS).

Disclaimer: A supported combination does not imply that all Cloud Foundry services will work with that combination. Sometimes we only test a portion of the features. For example, we test Isolation Segments, but only the container placement (i.e. that apps are placed on a shared or isolated Diego cell as directed) and not the routing restrictions (i.e. that the shared routers cannot reach the isolated apps and vice-versa).

VMware supported
Interoperable but not supported
(Blank) Untested, unsupported, or known not to work

Frequently Encountered Issues and Caveats

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